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H Hit
S Stand
P Split
DH Double if possible, otherwise Hit
DS Double if possible, otherwise Stand
RH Surrender if possible, otherwise Hit
RS Surrender if possible, otherwise Stand
RP Surrender if possible, otherwise Split
Tables House Rules
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CLEAR 5 10 25 50 DEAL

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Surrender Split Double Hit Stand

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Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer

Start practicing right away by placing a bet and clicking DEAL. Make a decision whether it is right to HIT or STAND (or maybe DOUBLE, SPLIT or SURRENDER) depending on your hand and the dealer's first card. The notification will appear saying whether your decision was correct or wrong. To learn the basic blackjack strategy faster use the tables in the left panel. The tables use the same colors as the action buttons. It's also possible to change the house rules if the casino you play uses a different set of rules with the button on the right.