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Blackjack strategy table

Blackjack Basic Strategy Table and Chart

The basic strategy table is the best way for visual learners to memorize the correct actions depending on the player’s cards and the dealer’s first card. The table has 3 sections: for the hard and soft hands, and pairs. The term soft means that you have an ace that was counted as 11, for example a hand of an ace and a six results in soft 17. The strategy depends on the casino’s rules, so it’s better to find out what they are and select the right options in the “House rules” section.

After finding the right part of the table calculate your hand’s value. Remember, every number card is worth its face value, the face cards are worth 10, and the aces can be worth 11 or 1. Find the row with the same number and look for the column that has the dealer’s open card’s value. For example, if you have a jack and a nine and the dealer had a six, then it means that you should look in the “hard” part of the table, find the box on the crossing of the row “19” and the column “6”. The box is green, which means you’re good and you should stand. At this point you are more likely to win than to lose.

The boxes have different colors, which should help to remember better. Green means good—stand, red means not good enough, need more cards—hit. Blue means the third option—split your pair if possible. Some of the boxes have two colors, that means the preferred action is either double or surrender. If you’re in a situation when you’re supposed to double that means things are going very well, that’s why the double box has the color of gold. However, if you see gray that would mean things are looking bleak, you are very likely to lose and you should just surrender, this way you’ll only lose the half of your bet.

Practice makes perfect and the best way to practice is to use the basic strategy trainer.

House Rules
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Hard {{ column.score }}
{{ row.player }} {{ cell.action }}
Soft {{ column.score }}
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Pair {{ column.score }}
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H Hit
S Stand
P Split
DH Double if possible, otherwise Hit
DS Double if possible, otherwise Stand
RH Surrender if possible, otherwise Hit
RS Surrender if possible, otherwise Stand
RP Surrender if possible, otherwise Split